Underwater World

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Visit our on-site aquarium which is an added extra included in the price of your entry ticket!

Here you can journey from a tropical mountain stream, through Jungle Swamps to the colourful world of marine reefs in warm seas. Come face to face with our shoal of piranhas, find clownfish and regal blue tangs, see miniature crocodiles and read their incredible story. The freshwater displays at Underwater World show a wide range of freshwater habitats, ranging from Amazonian streams and flooded forests to African lakes and even tiny seasonal pools and all are presented in large, healthy tanks where if you look closely enough you may see baby fish being cared for by their parents.

As part of your day, take enough time to enjoy the aquarium, Underwater World, which holds over 30 exhibits. The variety is immense from fish, crustaceans, amphibians and reptiles, and the diversity of our aquatic dwelling animals is well worth a visit.

Amongst the most popular attractions in Underwater World are the piranhas and crocodiles but even the smallest of tanks, which may only represent a seasonal pool, really are a fascinating world of their own.

For younger visitors, plastic stools are provided to aid with viewing as necessary and on high season days, we recommend visiting the aquarium earlier in the day, as the walkway can get busy.