Penguin Proposal

Love was in the air yesterday as one Southampton man made a trip to Birdworld incredibly special for one lady by popping the question in front of an audience of Humboldt Penguins.

Olly Gill, devised the romantic plan to propose to his girlfriend, Karlie Portlock, on her Birthday through a romantic gesture whilst feeding and meeting the penguins at the park’s ‘Penguin Island’ exhibit. This was chosen especially by Olly as the couple had previously fed the penguins at this particular exhibit before and so held special memories for the couple!

Leaving the whole day as a Birthday surprise, Karlie was left speechless when Olly got down on bended knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

Karlie was delighted to accept Olly’s proposal and the couple were congratulated by the Birdworld team and penguins nearby. The Birdworld team was excited to work with Olly to help create a unique experience the couple would never forget including a special behind-the-scenes meeting with George the Humboldt Penguin and receiving a complimentary Humboldt Penguin adoption to officially mark the occasion for the couple.

Olly said: “Karlie is a big lover of animals, particularly penguins and when I was looking for ideas to inspire the proposal, this seemed perfect. We have already been to Birdworld before as a couple and Karlie has fed the penguins previously, so she didn’t expect a thing. Luckily, she said yes! I wanted to propose in a way that was completely different and would make for a brilliant memory. With the help of the Birdworld team, I think I definitely achieved that today!”

Mark Anderson, General Park Manager at Birdworld, said: “We’re delighted Olly chose to propose to Karlie at Birdworld. We were only too happy to lend a helping hand in making sure all the arrangements came together on the day and made it an unforgettable experience for them both. We wish Olly and Karlie the very best for their future together.”