Discworld Day

Discworld Day Update  – 24th May 2018 

Much to our regret, due to unforeseen circumstances Mr Rob Wilkins will not be able to attend our scheduled event this Saturday. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and interest that everyone has shown towards the event and therefore to avoid further disappointment we do not wish to cancel the day in its entirety.

The day will continue to run as closely to the original schedule as possible (please see below for details)

To all of the fans planning to attend, we want to extend our most sincere apologies for the unexpected occurrence and hope that you join us as planned for what we hope to be a fantastic day.

Thank you from all of the Birdworld team for your support and patience.


On Saturday 26th May, we will officially celebrate Discworld Day at the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament with special guest Stephen Briggs.

The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament was officially opened at Birdworld in 2017 and now the beautifully crafted exhibit which was created in collaboration with the World Owl Trust (WOT) is celebrating its 1st anniversary as a much-loved exhibit at the 26-acre park.


To book tickets online in advance to save 10%, visit our bookings page or arrive in Discworld-themed costume on the day to receive a discounted entry rate of 25% per person. A special prize will be awarded on the day to the best dressed adult and child visitor!

The Owl Parliament was created both as a satellite of the WOT’s collection and to recognise Sir Terry’s passion for these mysterious birds of prey.

Visitors familiar with the popular Discworld novels are able to easily recognise a number of the references within the interactive space but with the unique stylizing of these aviaries, everyone exploring the exhibit will be drawn into the mythical and wonderful world of Sir Terry Pratchett.



To celebrate the day, visitors will be invited to join in with plenty of Discworld fun and games throughout the day including, a themed quiz trail, costume prizes for both adults and children, a charity raffle packed full of prizes, educational talks including an owl-themed flying display and even a special Q&A session for fans with Stephen Briggs.

Mark Anderson, Birdworld General Manager, commented: “We’re extremely proud to be hosting Discworld Day in honour of The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament at Birdworld.

“We are looking forward to being able to showcase such an extraordinary selection of owl species, many of which are threatened with the loss of habitat in the wild and for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of Sir Terry Pratchett in the process.”

“The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament has quickly become a favourite exhibit at the park and to celebrate Sir Terry’s memory with an event such as this, we hope will be a fitting tribute to the award-winning author.



Programme of Events

10.00am – Park Opens

11.30am – Book reading with Mr Stephen Briggs

12.00pm – Stephen Briggs meets one of the park’s owls

12.30pm – Break for Lunch

1.00pm -2pm – Q&A with Stephen Briggs in the Outdoor Flying Arena (please note, filming will not be permitted)

2.30pm – Outdoor flying display at the outdoor arena

3.00pm – Draw of the raffle, best costume award and Goodbyes at the outdoor arena

3.30pm – Penguin feeding at Penguin Beach

4.00pm – Owl Prowl at the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament

6.00pm – Park Closes