Jenny Wren Farm


Our child-friendly farm is one of the most popular areas of the park, especially with our younger visitors.

Located at the farthest end of the park, the Jenny Wren Farm is very popular, particularly with our younger visitors. Here you will find nearly every type of farm animal imaginable! In addition to the traditional goats, pigs, chickens and sheep there is also a huge variety of other animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and ferrets, many of which can be handled or stroked during the daily ‘Animal Encounter’ sessions.

After touching any animals at Birdworld, we would always recommend cleaning your hands well with water and lathered soap. Hand washing facilities can be found at the exit of the farm and of course in all of the toilet facilities. We would also recommend that the farm is not the best place to eat your lunch. You would invariably be joined by some of the farm residents who sadly lack the social graces of the English picnic!