History of the park


Birdworld first opened its doors to the public in 1968 and was run as a family business by Roy Harvey, his wife and children. Throughout the next 28 years the park grew in size and a children’s farm and aquarium were added.

During the early 90’s, the next generation took over the day-to-day operation but in 1996 decided to move on to different ventures.

It was at this time that neighbouring business owners, Denys E. Head Ltd, who still own the park today, bought Birdworld to become the third division of their already well-established company. With Forest Lodge Garden Centre next door and Garden Style specimen plant nursery just a short distance away, the company was now very firmly set in the beautiful surroundings of Alice Holt Forest.

Development of Birdworld continued throughout the next few years with the Crescent Aviaries and Parrots in Flight amongst the first to be built and in more recent years, the award winning Penguin Beach and Outback Landing becoming firm favourites with regular visitors. Plans to develop the park further are always at the forefront of the business and in conjunction with the breeding and conservation work, the future looks very interesting!