Work experience


Birdworld work experience: – For students aged 16+ studying veterinary science, veterinary nursing, zoology, animal management etc, or those planning to do so, we can offer placements in one of the four following areas: –

Jenny Wren Farm
– Housing small mammals, domestic fowl, sheep, pigs etc. Duties here would involve general care of the stock, routine maintenance and potentially some interaction with visitors.

Bird Park – with over 160 species of birds ranging from sunbirds to ostrich, this area offers a varied opportunity for those interested in birds. Duties will include food preparation and delivery, cleaning of enclosures / work areas and seasonal tasks as undertaken by our aviculture team

Education – This is our public facing team and duties would involve interacting with visitors as well as helping to prepare material to be delivered at a later time. This could involve driving our train (subject to driving licence) and assisting with the public flying displays as well as the day to day care of the presentation animals as carried out by our education team.

Placements will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we restrict one student per work area at any one time. Students are expected to work our normal day, depending upon the work area and time of year, taking breaks similar to our full time staff.
For more information, please contact our Work Experience Co-ordinator (between the hours of 9.30am & 4pm Monday to Friday) on 01420 22140 or email