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We have opportunities to volunteer in several areas, depending upon your interest, and you can volunteer with us from the age of 16 – and there’s no upper age limit! You can volunteer with any one of the following teams: Aviculture, Farm, Aquarium, Gardens and Education. We ask for a commitment of time on a regular basis over an agreed period to ensure that any training we give is reciprocated fairly and in return we offer experience in a friendly zoo environment and fun, challenging work.

Our staff work from 8am each day, and have an average 8 hour working day. Volunteers can of course work different hours but again we ask that these be agreed in advance.  If you are keen to pursue this further, then please consider your situation and the commitment you are willing to make, as well as which area you would like to be considered for.

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The next step will be for you to come along so we can discuss the best option for you and we can ensure that your time with us will be well spent!

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we expect from our volunteers.

Please could you to indicate below when you would be available to come along, giving three alternatives, and we will confirm by e-mail when we can see you.

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