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Birdworld is always happy to hear from those wanting to get involved in any number of ways and welcome your ideas. There are so many exciting things you can do at the park from volunteering and work experience to becoming a member of our staff team!

Get Involved.

There are many ways of getting involved with Birdworld, but simply by visiting us, you are contributing towards our valuable work. There are of course other ways to get involved with what we do.

Each year we host about 70 work experience students, who will each spend a week working within one of the animal departments as part of their animal management studies. Many of these are from local colleges but also those studying zoology or veterinary science at degree level. This practical work is an important part of their learning and Birdworld is pleased to support the animal keepers and vets of tomorrow.


Volunteering is another way to take part in what we do. There are many reasons why people wish to volunteer- either for experience, an opportunity to help with good work or simply as a way to fill spare time. Volunteer time contribution is very important to us and allows us to achieve many additional tasks for which we are always grateful. This type of work does not have to stop with the animal departments, as we are also very pleased to have help with gardening, marketing or even fund raising.

Most of the staff that you will see around Birdworld are full time employees. Many young people living locally have had their first taste of part time employment within the company before going off to University or full time employment. Others will make their full time careers at Birdworld in one of the many departments.

In addition to the many day visitors, school trips to Birdworld are also very important. Although these visits are primarily in the summer term, there are also schools that enjoy visiting at quieter times of year. In the winter, things tend to turn around, as this is the time of year when Birdworld goes out to schools, nursing homes and other locations with the Birdworld Outreach programme. These visits can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation but regularly involve parrots, smaller farm animals and even snakes!

Volunteer Opportunities

Or you may wish to volunteer with us. We have opportunities to volunteer in several areas, depending upon your interest. These include working with any one of the following teams: Aviculture, Farm, Aquarium, Gardens, and Education. We expect a commitment of time on a regular basis over an agreed time period, this is to ensure that any training we give is reciprocated by the time you give us. Our staff work from 8am each day, and have an average 8 hour working day. Volunteers can of course work different hours but these must be agreed in advance. We will provide a volunteer polo shirt for identification purposes, but otherwise expect you to provide your own clothes (unless specific protective clothing is needed for individual tasks undertaken). In all other respects we consider volunteers as members of staff and they are subject to similar policies as any other member of the team (but without financial reward of course!) Our policy is that volunteers may well do similar work to paid members of the team, but allow us to achieve more than would be possible otherwise: a volunteer will never take the place of a paid member of staff. For more information visit our volunteer page.

Promote your business

We are also happy to consider commercial promotional activities at Birdworld. If you would like prices or more information please send details to

Current job vacancies

Please click here to see any job vacancies at Birdworld.

Work experience

Or you may wish to consider undertaking work experience with us. We offer work experience placements to students aged 16Yrs & above. For those studying at higher education, reading veterinary science, veterinary nursing, zoology, animal management etc, or those planning to do so we can offer placements in one of the four following areas: –

Jenny Wren Farm
– Housing small mammals, domestic fowl, sheep, pigs, goats etc. Duties here would involve general care of the stock, routine maintenance and potentially some interaction with visitors.

Bird Park – with over 160 species of birds ranging from sunbirds to ostrich, this area offers a varied opportunity for those interested in birds. Duties will include food preparation and delivery, cleaning of enclosures / work areas and seasonal tasks as undertaken by our aviculture team
Aquarium – Our small aquarium has both freshwater and seawater exhibits and also houses our dwarf crocodiles. Duties include general feeding and cleaning and maintenance duties as carried out seasonally by our aquarium staff.
Education – This is our public facing team and duties would involve interacting with visitors as well as helping to prepare material to be delivered at a later time. You may also assist  with the public flying displays as well as the day to day care of the presentation animals as carried out by our education team. Placements will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we restrict one student per work area at any one time. Students are expected to work our normal day, depending upon the work area and time of year, taking breaks similar to our full time staff. For more information, please contact our Work Experience Co-ordinator (between the hours of 9.00am & 4.00pm Monday to Friday) on 01420 22140 or email