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Join us for a fun, educational day!

Education at Birdworld is about so much more than just birds! Underwater World and the Jenny Wren Farm are also a great way of ensuring that learning about classification and animal diversity is fun and engaging for everyone.

As well as dedicated school visit programmes, there are Penguin Feeding talks (February to end of October) and the Outdoor Flying Display (weather permitting, Easter to end of October). During these talks and shows our animals demonstrate their adaptations to their own natural habitats in a way designed to capture both interest and the imagination.

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Peak Off Peak
Park Admission Child £6:95 £6:50
Park Admission Adult £7:95 £7:50
Discovery Session £25 £25

One free Adult per five children

Free carers/helpers for all students with special educational needs


Peak Season – Easter Holidays until end of summer holidays

Off Peak Season – September to Easter holidays


Discovery Session

Theatre Talk – Maximum 90 children per session

Park Tour – Maximum 30 children per session

Aquarium Tour – Maximum 15 children per session

Select from these topics by Key Stage

Educational Talk Information Pack

Please call 01420 22140 for details

Or why not find out more about our outreach programme, where we come to your classroom – with our animals!


Farnham Coaches and Safeguard Coaches will offer a 10% discount to Schools on their coach travel to Birdworld. Simply contact Farnham Coaches on 01252 724010 or Safeguard Coaches on 01483 561103 or email them to request the offer.

* Any time of year in this Academic year

* Must be in a 15 mile radius of Birdworld.

* Subject to availability.

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Goody bags
If you would like to order Birdworld goody bags, please select the items you would like to include

Birdworld Pen - 99pBirdworld Pencil - 60pBirdworld Combi Eraser/Sharpener - £1.99Birdworld Notepad & Pen set - £2.75Birdworld Badge (various designs) - 50pBirdworld Magnet - £1.99Birdworld Penguin/Parrot Bugs - 99pPeacock feather - £1.30Birdworld Tri Pencil - 99pEgg rubber - £1.50Birdworld Poppa Purse - £3.50Birdworld Octa Pen - £1.99Birdworld Keyring - £1.99Birdworld Ruler - £1.99

Packed lunches: (£2.50 per student)
Birdworld can offer your school group the option of a packed lunch. Each packed lunch consists of: A sandwich (cheese or ham), 1 packet of crisps, 1 carton of drink, 1 piece of fruit.
If you would like packed lunches supplied, please indicate the number of each type required:

Ham sandwiches:
Cheese sandwiches:


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