We come to your care home

Birdworld gives you the fantastic opportunity to meet some truly amazing animals without even having to step outside!

We can bring a range of animals from colourful and noisy birds, adorably fluffy and friendly mammals to fascinating reptiles and creepy crawlies. Our programme is designed to allow a really close experience with the animals, many of them even being able to be stroked. We find that our friendly and relaxed atmosphere is always a winner with many of the care homes we visit. Our tactile approach and choice of animals is perfect for those with visual difficulties, allowing everyone to enjoy a Birdworld animal visit.



Our knowledgeable and passionate staff can tailor visits to your requirement. Our outreaches are available on weekdays (except holidays) between the months of October to March and prices start from as little as £140+VAT plus 50p per mile!  That really is a bargain!

The great thing about a Birdworld outreach is that all ages can appreciate and enjoy the experience and they can be adapted for all kinds of events, so if you’re planning something and would like to enquire about some Birdworld animals joining you and your guests then please do contact us and we will see what we can offer you and your event.  Call us on 01420 22140 and ask for the Education Department or email us at education@birdworld.co.uk