Discworld Day at Birdworld


On Saturday 26th May 2018, Birdworld will officially celebrate all things Sir Terry Pratchett with Discworld Day assisted by Discworld luminaries and special guests, Rob Wilkins and Stephen Briggs.

The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament was officially opened at Birdworld in 2017 and now the beautifully crafted exhibit which was created in collaboration with the World Owl Trust (WOT) is celebrating its 1st anniversary as a much-loved exhibit at the 26-acre park.

The garden aviaries were created a few years ago, also both as a satellite of the WOT’s collection and to recognise Sir Terry’s passion for these mysterious birds of prey. Visitors familiar with the popular Discworld novels are able to easily recognise a number of the references within the interactive space but with the unique stylizing of these aviaries, everyone exploring the exhibit will be drawn into the mythical and wonderful world of Sir Terry Pratchett.

To celebrate the day, visitors will be invited to join in with plenty of Discworld fun and games throughout the day including, a themed quiz trail, costume prizes for both adults and children, a fundraising raffle packed full of prizes, educational talks including an owl-themed flying display and even a special Q&A session for fans with Rob Wilkins and Stephen Briggs.

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Mark Anderson, Birdworld General Manager, commented: “We’re extremely proud to be hosting Discworld Day in honour of The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament at Birdworld.

“We’re pleased to be able to showcase such an extraordinary selection of owl species, many of which are threatened with the loss of habitat in the wild and for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of Sir Terry Pratchett in the process.”

“The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament has quickly become a favourite exhibit at the park and to celebrate Sir Terry’s memory with an event such as this, we hope will be a fitting tribute to the award-winning author.

Already one of the largest bird parks in the country, the 26 acres of landscaped park and gardens at Birdworld are home to over 1000 birds and 180 species from around the world. The park also is home to the Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm.

To book tickets online in advance to save 10%, visit: www.birdworld.co.uk OR arrive in Discworld-themed costume on the day to receive 25% off.

For more information about the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament and Birdworld’s other attractions or experiences visit: www.birdworld.co.uk or call 01420 22140.