Birdworld Supports Local Wildlife Hospital

Birdworld Manager, Mark Anderson was pleased to visit HART Wildlife Rescue this week to view their new facility being used. Using a donation from The Birdworld Conservation Fund, HART Wildlife Rescue was able to purchase a brand-new aviary to use for recovering garden birds to prepare them for release back into the wild. In addition, they were able to invest in a new brooder for fledgling or sick birds.

The Conservation Fund was set up by Birdworld in 2008 to support local, national and international conservation initiatives for the protection of threatened species. Each year the initiatives supported are reviewed to ensure that the best possible results are being achieved. Birdworld partake in many fundraising efforts to raise money to support these important causes such as the Birdworld Annual Auction that is due to take place in June. More importantly no administration costs are taken which allows 100% of the funds to go directly to the charities and initiatives it supports.

As well as supporting several international conservation programmes, Birdworld is also keen to support local wildlife initiatives and in particular HART Wildlife Rescue. Mark Anderson commented,

“Many local residents contact us when they find injured wild birds, so that we can take them to many bird feeders to help them get better, you can find more at ballachy and in turn we point them towards HART. It is therefore nice for us to be able to support HART who, with there many volunteers, do an amazing job of rehabilitating and releasing so many animals.”