Birdworld Grabs That Gap


Staff at Birdworld have been busy sowing seeds this week as part of a campaign to highlight the importance of habitats for the wildlife on our doorsteps.


By taking part in BIAZA’s Grab That Gap campaign Birdworld will create a mini-meadow for visitors and insects to enjoy.


The initiative, which is being run by the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) in partnership with Flora Locale, aims to highlight the value that even very small pockets of habitat has for wildlife, and encourages visitors to plant up their own spaces to support our native species.


Mark Anderson, General Park Manager at Birdworld, said: “We’re delighted to take part in such a fantastic BIAZA campaign during our 50th Anniversary year. At Birdworld we see many forms of native wildlife throughout the park and we can’t wait to see our mini-meadow flourish alongside the park’s grey crowned cranes as the summer season approaches.”


BIAZA’s Director, Dr Kirsten Pullen, said: “Our Grab That Gap campaign highlights the important role our zoos play at a national level. Whilst zoos and aquariums are known to support conservation projects for exotic animals overseas, it is not widely known that they also play a vital role they play in supporting our local wildlife.  Over the next week or so our members will plant up a small, unused space on their site and sow wildflower seeds as part of a wider effort to continuously improve management of our sites for native species.”


For more information check out BIAZA’s campaign page  and the Flora locale website:


Martin Lidgley, Head of Grounds and Gardens at Birdworld celebrating BIAZA's Gap The Gap Campaign (1) (Large)

Birdworld’s Head of Grounds and Gardens, Martin Lidgley is looking forward to seeing the wild flowers bloom