Assistance dogs at Birdworld

Assistance dogs registered with the following accredited organisations are welcome to visit Birdworld when accompanied by and under the control of their owners.
– Canine Partners
– Dog AID
– Dogs for Good
– Guide Dogs
– Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
– Medical Detection Dogs
– Support Dogs
– The Seeing Dogs Alliance

These are all member organisations associated with Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK). All ADUK dogs adhere to the highest health, behaviour/training and welfare standards as set out by Assistance Dogs International and the International Guide Dogs Federation. It is essential that we are able to guarantee such standards, to fulfil our biosecurity regulations, which is part of our Zoo Licencing requirements, and this is why we do not permit access to animals not registered with one of the above organisations.

Assistance dogs will be required to wear an identifying harness, jacket or lead slip at all times whilst on the premises. Please be aware entrance for a dog will be refused if identification cannot be provided.

Please note there are certain areas where assistance dogs may not enter. Access to all animal walkthrough exhibits is not permitted due to biosecurity regulations. This includes Seashore Walk, Flamingo Cove, Outback Landing, Penguin Beach, The Temperate House Jenny Wren Farm, the Discovery Theatre and the Outdoor Flying Arena.

Access may also be restricted near to the enclosures of species where there is known experience of visualisation of dogs causing distress.

On arrival, owners will be asked to complete a disclaimer to verify the health of their assistance dog, acknowledge they have received and understand the map indicating the areas where assistance dogs may not enter, and agree to keep their assistance dog under close control.

We regret we are unable to allow assistance dogs on site unless fully trained and may refuse entry unless training can be authenticated.

This policy was written with reference to the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria) document ‘Biosecurity Advice for Permitting Assistance Dogs Entry into Zoos and Aquariums’ (January 2015).