Park pet shop


Did you know that the Jenny Wren Farm at Birdworld always has a range of animals to purchase?

See our current pet shop list. All of these are bred on site, which means that many of the rabbits and guinea pigs are already used to being handled. (Always good for first time pet owners!) As well as rabbits and guinea pigs, we regularly have mice, ferrets and finches plus some larger animals such as poultry and goats. All of our stock is subject to availability so a call beforehand is always advisable. In addition to animals, we also hold a plentiful supply of housing, bedding, food and other sundry items. Our farm also produces a plentiful supply of fresh chicken and duck eggs. These can be purchased either during your visit from the farm or without entry to the park, from our main entrance.

Guinea Pigs in 3D!

Thanks to some creative work from our friends at Orchid Digital, you see what’s its like to be a guinea pig living at Birdworld! Just play the video and click and drag to explore in 360 degrees!

Please note: you’ll need an up-to-date version of your web browser on a laptop/desktop computer or the latest version of the YouTube app on a mobile device.


Would you like to take one of our well bred pets home with you? Call us now on 01420 22140 to find out what animals we have currently available, or simply pop by to visit and see them for yourself! All stock is subject to availability.  We offer a 10% discount when buying more than one animal of a single breed in a single transaction.