Behind the scenes


As to be expected there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Birdworld that our visitors do not often get to see. With about 1000 individual birds to feed, there is an awful lot of food that needs to be prepared each and every day of the year. With about 200 different species, there are a host of different diets too, from fairly standard seed and pellets to others that are very specialised. All of this food has to be allocated to some 250 dishes, which are in turn allocated into the many paddocks and aviaries around the park. That is also a lot of dishes that need to be washed up each day!

In addition to the birds there are also all of the farm animals to feed plus the many different animals in the aquarium. With such a huge array of hungry animals to feed we also have to have some pretty large animal kitchens and food preparation areas. And just like any type of kitchen, we also need storage for all of the different food types. This includes a large dry feed store, large walk in fridge for fruit and vegetables plus a 20’ long freezer to keep all of the fish and meat. Many of these items are purchased in bulk thus the need for lots of storage areas.

Our keepers get to know the animals well and are the first to spot when there are problems or any signs of illness. Many minor symptoms can easily be dealt with in house but anything that requires more attention is seen by our regular Birdworld vet who specialises in working with birds. More often than not, treatment is given on site but on occasions we have to take birds to the vets practice as necessary.