Birdworld steps in to help Seaview Wildlife Encounter


Birdworld is delighted to announce that it has been able to help with the rehoming of over 50 birds from Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight, following its sad closure in October 2015.

Birdworld Curator Duncan Bolton was contacted by Seaview before news of the park’s imminent closure spread.  Duncan and Aviculture Team Lead Paula visited Seaview’s site to discuss the birds,  in particular the parrot collection. Staffs biggest concern was the parrots as the birds were used to a large enclosure with a great deal of open space, and finding a comparable home for them was extremely important. Seaview keepers were concerned that the birds would face a cramped space or unsuitable situations if the right home could not be found in time.

Therefore they were thrilled when Duncan and his team stepped forward and confirmed that they could accommodate the vast majority of the parrots, integrating them into Birdworld’s large enclosure ‘Parrots in Flight’. The parrots which included Green-winged, scarlet,  and blue and yellow macaws, Moluccan and lesser sulphur crested cockatoos, grey parrots and Nanday conures to name but a few underwent thorough health screens before movement and are now in their new home at Birdworld under the expert care of the aviculture team and consultant vet John Chitty.

And the story doesn’t end there. Birdworld was also able to offer a home to six ne-ne, a pair of Eyetonn’s whistling ducks, a number of little egrets, a masked lapwing, a spreo starling, and two Buffon’s Turacos, one of which is called Damien!

They were also able to take – ‘Maurice’ and ‘Horace’ Seaview’s two adult pink-backed pelicans. On December 17th Paula once again made the trip to Seaview and collected the birds, who have now settled well into their new enclosure in Farnham. They join Birdworld’s original three residents in their large lake enclosure, and the three juvenile pink-backed pelicans hatched at the park in July and August. In total Birdworld re-homed 56 birds from Seaview Wildlife Encounter, as well as 34 Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches!

First ever pelican hatching at Birdworld


We’re delighted to announce an extremely happy event at the park with the hatching of a number of pink-backed pelicans. Two batches of eggs donated by Paulton’s Park have hatched, producing fit and healthy young birds and we are beside ourselves as these are our first pelican hatchings! The first batch of three chicks are now six weeks old, and last week two more chicks emerged from the second batch. All will remain at Birdworld for visitors to meet and watch as they grow, then it is hoped that they’ll join the adult Eastern Pelicans in their large enclosure where they will live happily together.

The babies have been reared by our aviculture team on small pieces of fish supplemented with vitamins and minerals and care has to be taken that they don’t eat too much as a pelicans beak can hold more than its stomach. Portions are therefore carefully regulated. The chicks are unusual to see as they are so similar to little dinosaurs and the noise has to be heard to be believed, they are very noisy and demanding, especially when feeding time approaches. These are the first pelicans successfully hatched and reared at Birdworld so it is a truly momentous event.

Conservation evening & auction


Birdworld is delighted to announce the launch of its annual online charity auction, set up to raise much needed funds to rescue threatened wild penguins, and assist in the reintroduction of the Great Bustard to the wild in Britain after almost 200 years. The fund also supports a variety of local conservation groups and initiatives.

The park is thrilled to be supporting these worthy charities, and in addition to the auction is holding a special conservation evening on Wednesday July 22nd at 6.30pm, in Birdworld’s grounds. The doors will be thrown open for all to attend for a donation of £5 per person (members free), every penny of which goes directly to the Birdworld Conservation Fund.

Visitors are invited to bring a picnic as there are plenty of grass areas dotted around the park. There will also be a barbecue (£5 per person, voucher provided for members), talks from the keepers and great company as well as chance to visit our animals in the cool of a summer evening. Add to that fun face painting, a bouncy castle, giant garden games, a raffle with some fabulous prizes including tickets to other attractions and a tombola, and you have a great evening planned!

As many auction lots as possible are needed to boost the online auction, so if you are able to offer your help, no matter how small please don’t hesitate to get in touch on

There are some fabulous lots already on offer from adoptions and experiences, tickets to top attractions such as Paultons Park and Chessington World of Adventures, luxury accommodation, original artwork, cases of wine, the chance to name a crocodile or sit in on a radio show as well as a host of hampers, gifts, treats and even some pictures painted by the animals at the park!

All who donate will be given full recognition of their donation and a link from the auction page to their website. And of course your help in telling people about the auction will be hugely appreciated.

Thankyou as always for your support and any press wishing to attend the conservation evening will be welcome, please email to leave your name.

Birdworld delighted to support the Great Bustard Group’s best ever year

DSC_1464 Lenka Panackova

Staff at Birdworld are today celebrating the Great Bustard Group’s announcement that the charity has had its best ever year. The park is delighted to support the group in its work to bring the majestic Great Bustard back to Britain and has for the second year hatched the eggs for the GBG in their specialist incubation facilities.

The eggs are transported by the Great Bustard Group from Spain via Madrid Zoo to Birdworld where incubation is continued by Curator Duncan Bolton and his team. The eggs are measured and monitored, calculation data is recorded and analysed, and a record is kept for future reference. When the chicks hatch they are moved to a brooder, weighed and fitted with an ID ring, then monitored until they are transported to the Great Bustard Group’s rearing units on Salisbury Plain.

Rearing is carried out by staff wearing dehumanisation suits and using feeding puppets to prevent the young chicks becoming attached to humans. 2014 saw 33 birds released and a spring census showed a survival rate of over 50% through the first winter. This percentage is significantly better than the 22% which may be expected in a natural wild population.

2015 promises to be even better for the wild UK’s wild Great Bustard population, with four nests discovered in Wiltshire with wild hatched chicks already seen. At least 30 more young Great Bustards will be released this year. The UK wild population is growing steadily, and is getting closer to the point where it will be self sustaining and can continue to grow through natural reproduction.

This year’s release will bring the UK closer to this point and the Great Bustard now has a positive future once more in Britain and Birdworld is thrilled to play a part in this project. Find out more here.

Love your Zoo at half term

LYZ Thursday 049 (Large)

To celebrate our new attraction Flamingo Cove and the launch of Love your Zoo week we’re going competition crazy and packing the park with exciting additional activities. Love your Zoo week begins today with extra keeper talks, animal appearances and flamingo fun. We have face painting on the safari lawn between 11am and 4pm, Birdworld Bob’s Nest Trail with 36 chances to nab yourself a flamingo grabber toy and the chance to win a flamingo adoption each day, and an information stand on ‘how to become a zoo keeper’ with some friendly critters to meet.

And in addition to all that we have a host of daily activities;


11.00am – 4.00pm – Arts and Crafts Tent on the Safari Lawn – Make some Love Your Zoo themed arts and crafts.

11.00am – Humboldt’s Penguin Feeding – Join our bird keepers who will amaze you with great facts while the penguins themselves dart and dive for their dinner. At the Humboldt Penguins.

11.30am – Great Bustards – Learn about the Great Bustards and what we are doing to help support them in the wild.

11.45am – Pelican Feeding – Watch the keepers feeding the pelicans

12.00pm – Zoo Babies and Eggs – Watch our babies being hand fed, and learn all about our bird’s eggs and how we look after them outside the rearing room – near to outback landing.

12.00pm – Ferret Racing at the Farm – Take part in the race and see if you can beat the Ferrets!

12.15pm – Flamingo Bingo – Have a go at flamingo bingo in the craft tent. The prizes are 2 cuddly flamingo toys per day.

12.30pm – Animal Encounters on the Farm – A chance to get close to some smaller ‘cute and cuddly’ farm animals.

1.00pm – Discovery Theatre Show – This indoor presentation showcases a range of birds allowing them to display their natural behaviour.

2.00pm – Parrots in Flight – Come along and ask the keepers questions about parrots during their feeding round.

2.00pm – Animal Encounters on the Farm – A chance to get close to some smaller ‘cute and cuddly’ farm animals.

2.45pm – Outdoor Flying Display – Be amazed as different birds from all round the world swoop overhead and skim close by in our fantastic outdoor display.

3.30pm – Penguin feeding – Join our bird keepers who will amaze you with great facts while the penguins themselves dart and dive for their dinner. At Penguin Beech.

3.45pm – Hornbills – Watch the birds catching their treats and find out more about these birds from our keepers.

4.00pm – Owl Prowl – Join our bird keepers on their daily round to feed the Owls and Birds of Prey.

4.30pm – Seashore Walk – Join the keepers on their daily feeding round to find out what the birds here like to eat.

Tuesday 26th May:

11.30am – The Farrier will be down on the Farm.

Wednesday 27th May:

11.00am – The Sheep Shearer will be down on the Farm.

Birdworld announces new attraction


Birdworld is pleased to announce the opening of its latest attraction ‘Flamingo Cove, a delightful walk-through enclosure featuring natural planting, a running water stream and plenty of space, allowing our flock of Greater Flamingoes to stretch their wings and have a paddle! All the while, visitors have the opportunity to get really close to these stunning birds in their beautiful surroundings. Flamingo Cove is the latest improvement to the park, which strives to provide a healthy environment for all its animals in surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild wherever possible. We hope our flamingoes will breed in their new home and our keepers are thrilled to see the birds settling in so quickly.

The park has received half a flock of Greater Flamingoes from Durrell Zoo in Jersey, with the second half of the flock due to arrive soon. There will be a total of 25 birds in the flock and they will make a beautiful addition to Birdworld

Easter fun at Birdworld


We’ve had a cracking Easter this year with Percy the penguin giving out chocolate treats and helping the children’s team to win the tug of war, then an eggsciting egg hunt around the park, AND a week of fabulous pirate pranks. The naughty buccaneers disrupted the daily shows, played pranks on our staff and generally caused havoc.

Birdworld.. or Dinoworld?


Breaking news! DNA – found in a museum specimen of the extinct elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) and implanted into an emu egg – is developing at Birdworld.

DNA extracted from a sub-fossilised elephant bird egg held by the Natural History Museum, has been added to a germ cell in an unfertilised emu egg. To the delight of staff at Birdworld, the egg has shown signs of developing and it is hoped will produce the first live elephant bird since 1880 when the giant species died out.

Birdworld hopes to play a key role in this incredible work, alongside leading scientists from around the world. The developing chick provides hope not only for the resurrection of the elephant bird but also for species such as the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon. It appears that extinction need not be forever…

Spring is Springing


Here comes Spring at Birdworld! We’re delighted to report that our first lambs and goat kid have been born this weekend! Amber our proud mother goat is pictured here with her kid, born at 9.30 this morning, and twin lambs are happily exploring the field with their mum on the farm. Come and visit to see our new arrivals!

Half Term hijinks at Birdworld

pic 104

Half term is in full swing at Birdworld and it’s all about our plucky penguins this year! We’re delighted to report that our colony in Penguin Beach are breeding happily and have seen in the new year with a fine collection of chicks. This is wonderful news for us as breeding birds are happy birds and we’re celebrating with a half term of penguin fun, competitions, arts, crafts and much more. There’s still time to join us in the aquarium and take part in penguin themed arts and crafts then at 11.00am until Friday watch our penguins being fed and win the chance to feed them yourself at the afternoon session! Simply complete the competition in the aquarium and hand it in before 3pm on the day. (You must be over 7 to enter and be able to stay for the afternoon to claim your prize.) Under 7’s can win one of our cuddly Birdworld penguins.

Birdworld has a packed program of special events this year with the summer season beginning on Wednesday 1st April with the first of our great Easter Egg Hunts. You can take part in the second on Wednesday 15th April then it’s all aboard for Pirate Activity Week from Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th April.

Birdworld hosts TV show the Undateables

2006-09-14 21.59.49

2006-09-14 21.59.49

Birdworld was delighted to welcome popular TV show The Undateables at the end of 2014, and the program aired today to a great many smiles from our keepers (and animals!) who were charmed by the starring young couple. Christina and Matty were filmed on a chilly November day enjoying a romantic visit to the park, during which they had the chance to feed our penguins, talk to the parrots and get to know one another whilst strolling through the aviaries. And Cupid was certainly following the love-struck couple that day as their date ended in smiles all round and everything is still going swimmingly for the pair – much to the delight of our match-making penguins!