First ever pelican hatching at Birdworld

We’re delighted to announce an extremely happy event at the park with the hatching of a number of pink-backed pelicans. Two batches of eggs donated by Paulton’s Park have hatched, producing fit and healthy young birds and we are beside ourselves as these are our first pelican hatchings! The first batch of three chicks are now six weeks old, and last week two more chicks emerged from the second batch. All will remain at Birdworld for visitors to meet and watch as they grow, then it is hoped that they’ll join the adult Eastern Pelicans in their large enclosure where they will live happily together.

The babies have been reared by our aviculture team on small pieces of fish supplemented with vitamins and minerals and care has to be taken that they don’t eat too much as a pelicans beak can hold more than its stomach. Portions are therefore carefully regulated. The chicks are unusual to see as they are so similar to little dinosaurs and the noise has to be heard to be believed, they are very noisy and demanding, especially when feeding time approaches. These are the first pelicans successfully hatched and reared at Birdworld so it is a truly momentous event.