Cub Badge Day

On Sunday 16th July 2017, Birdworld will be hosting Cub Badge Day for Cub Groups! The day, which returns for 2017 will be packed full interesting facts and the chance to work towards several different badges throughout the day. Whilst exploring Birdworld, the Cubs will be given the chance to take part in tasks and attend fascinating talks from the Birdworld Education team.

For the day, we will provide a ‘Animal Explorer Passport Trail’ only available to Cubs, which will encourage them to seek out and learn about a range of threatened species in the park. 

Additionally, down at the Jenny Wren Farm the team will be talking about domestic pets and their care!

Early booking strongly recommended!

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This is a pre-book only event, open only to Cub Groups 

Please note, Birdworld does not provide badges.

For more information about different Cub badges, click here

Booking & enquiries: contact our bookings office on 01420 22992 (9am – 6pm) or email

Cubs: £6.95 each with 1 free adult for every 5 paying children  Additional Adults: £7.95

Programme of Events

Sunday 16th July 2017

Animal Explorer Passport Trail

Exclusive to the Cub groups, this trail will encourage the Cubs to seek out and learn about a range of threatened species in the park.

Keep hold of your passports and fill in the information as your make your way through the park!

Exact timetable and programme may deviate

10.00am: Arrival and exploration of the Park

Take this time to explore the park and start to fill in the Animal Explorer Passport Trail.

11.30am: Discovery Theatre (located next to the Jenny Wren Farm)

This workshop offers the opportunity for the cubs to meet a range of birds, mammals and reptiles. They will be encouraged to think about habitats, diets and adaptions to surviving in different environments.

12pm – 1pm: Lunch Break

You will find many picnic benches situated within the park which you are welcome to use. Please refer to your Birdworld Map for more information. Drinks and snacks can be purchased from the main restaurant, Safari Snacks Kiosk and Link and Farm Kiosks.

1pm-2pm: Wildlife Garden and Safari Lawn (located by Outback Landing)

Use this time to visit our Wildlife Garden to make your own bug houses. On the Safari Lawn, take part in bark/leaf rubbing activity and our Birdworld identification challenge.

2.45pm – 3.15pm: Animal Encounter

This half hour session allows the Cubs to understand about caring for a pet such as a rabbit or a guinea pig. Topics will include basic husbandry such as diet, exercise, housing and health. The session will also allow for any specific questions the Cubs may have.

6.00pm – Park Closes

All of these sessions can help with working towards various badges including, Naturalist Activity Badge and Animal Carer Badge.


Other Birdworld Events

Throughout the day Birdworld will also be hosting a number of daily talks and educational sessions. Although we ask for groups to attend the above Cub specific sessions for the day, if you would like to include any of the below talks within the planning of your visit please feel free to attend.

11.00am – Penguin Feeding at Penguin Island

3.30pm – Penguin Feeding at Penguin Beach

4.00pm – The Owl Prowl at The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament