Birdworld.. or Dinoworld?

Breaking news! DNA – found in a museum specimen of the extinct elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) and implanted into an emu egg – is developing at Birdworld.

DNA extracted from a sub-fossilised elephant bird egg held by the Natural History Museum, has been added to a germ cell in an unfertilised emu egg. To the delight of staff at Birdworld, the egg has shown signs of developing and it is hoped will produce the first live elephant bird since 1880 when the giant species died out.

Birdworld hopes to play a key role in this incredible work, alongside leading scientists from around the world. The developing chick provides hope not only for the resurrection of the elephant bird but also for species such as the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon. It appears that extinction need not be forever…