Birdworld announces new attraction

Birdworld is pleased to announce the opening of its latest attraction ‘Flamingo Cove, a delightful walk-through enclosure featuring natural planting, a running water stream and plenty of space, allowing our flock of Greater Flamingoes to stretch their wings and have a paddle! All the while, visitors have the opportunity to get really close to these stunning birds in their beautiful surroundings. Flamingo Cove is the latest improvement to the park, which strives to provide a healthy environment for all its animals in surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild wherever possible. We hope our flamingoes will breed in their new home and our keepers are thrilled to see the birds settling in so quickly.

The park has received half a flock of Greater Flamingoes from Durrell Zoo in Jersey, with the second half of the flock due to arrive soon. There will be a total of 25 birds in the flock and they will make a beautiful addition to Birdworld