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Birdworld steps in to help Seaview Wildlife Encounter


Birdworld is delighted to announce that it has been able to help with the rehoming of over 50 birds from Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight, following its sad closure in October 2015. Birdworld Curator Duncan Bolton was contacted by Seaview before news of the park’s imminent closure spread.  Duncan and Aviculture Team Lead Paula visited Seaview’s site to discuss the birds,  in particular the parrot collection. Staffs biggest concern was the parrots as the birds were used to a large enclosure with a great deal of open space, and finding a comparable home for them was extremely important. Seaview keepers were concerned that the birds would face a cramped space or unsuitable situations if the right home could not be found in time. Therefore they were thrilled when Duncan and his team stepped forward and confirmed that they could accommodate the vast majority of the parrots, integrating them into Birdworld’s large enclosure ‘Parrots in Flight’. The parrots which included Green-winged, scarlet,  and blue and yellow macaws, Moluccan and lesser sulphur crested cockatoos, grey parrots and Nanday conures to name but a few underwent thorough health screens before movement and are now in their new home at Birdworld […]

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Conservation corner

Great-Bustard-portraitAs well as caring for and breeding as many species as possible at the park, Birdworld operates a conservation fund set up to support local and international conservation initiatives.

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