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Join us for a great, fun family day out! The 26 acre park is home to hundreds of unusual birds, and we also have a fabulous farm, (that is also home to a pair of reindeer!) an aquarium and the wonderful Forest Lodge Garden Centre so there really is a packed day out to be had for all ages! We have a busy schedule of daily events. Brightly coloured birds, fabulous keeper talks and feeds and two amazing daily shows, the Outdoor Flying Display and the Discovery Theatre Show.

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Our Penguins


This time of year is a really exciting one for our penguins as we’re seeing our colony grow with many happy pairs of birds producing eggs, and the resulting chicks will soon be making their appearance! Always a wonderful time for our keepers as it shows that they’re keeping our birds happy, as secure and content colonies breed, well done keepers and keep us posted on the new babies!

Our next event is Halloween Activity Week


Monday 27th October – Friday 31st October


Our Halloween Grotto will be open from Saturday 26th October to Sunday 3rd November 

(No booking required and usual park entry ticket prices apply)

Visit Birdworld for haunting time and ‘magic’ up a little something for the spooky season. Walk through the creepy corridors of our unique Halloween Grotto to see a spectacle of spooks and a coven of very wicked witches. Plenty of fun with a little bit of fright!

Halloween Activity Week will be taking place between Monday 27th October and Friday 31st October from 11am – 4pm.

Watch our themed shows, take part in our free craft activities and a Halloween trail. Make sure you come and join the scary fun

Make sure you come and join in the scary fun!


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    Rescued Emu finds home for life at Birdworld

    Forest 6

    Fife Animal Park near Cupar in Scotland recently hit the headlines with a host of horrifying stories of animal suffering and welfare issues following its closure to the public earlier this year. Fife Council called in Specialist Wildlife Services to work in conjunction with their officers to assess the welfare of the park’s 76 species. Among the many dilapidated enclosures SWS staff were horrified to find an emu living in a stable kept almost entirely in darkness. The bird, nicknamed Forest by keepers was in extremely bad condition and suffering from a number of complaints believed to have been caused by dietary inadequacy and poor living conditions. With no access to the company of other birds or enrichment of any kind he had developed the symptoms of sensory and social deprivation, and stereotypical behaviour such as head throwing, pacing and feather plucking. We were contacted and immediately offered to help. We were able on this occasion to give Forest the care and rehabilitation he needed and provide him with a new life in our spacious open air paddock with two other Emus. In March, Forest made the long journey from Scotland to Surrey and his rehabilitation began. We gave him […]

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