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Join us for a great, fun family day out! The 26 acre park is home to hundreds of unusual birds, and we also have a fabulous farm, (that is also home to a pair of reindeer!) an aquarium and the wonderful Forest Lodge Garden Centre so there really is a packed day out to be had for all ages! We have a busy schedule of daily events. Brightly coloured birds, fabulous keeper talks and feeds and two amazing daily shows, the Outdoor Flying Display and the Discovery Theatre Show.

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African Penguins


As you know we’re all very excited about our latest Penguin Beach arrival Joey the penguin, and we’re following his progress as he becomes a fully fledged member of our African Penguin colony. The African penguin is a pursuit diver and feeds primarily on fish and squid, here at Birdworld we love watching them chase their food in the water, performing their incredible ‘underwater flying’ displays!

Our next event is CHRISTMAS at Birdworld!

29th November – 24th December


Christmas cheer begins at Birdworld this month and not a moment too soon we say as Christmas with our animals is fabulous fun and Santa’s reindeer who have been living on our farm throughout the year will once again be waiting for Santa to arrive to join in the festive frolics! Our grotto will be bigger and better than ever this year and waiting to welcome you from 29th November so book now quickly and simply online! See you there!



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    Happy Penguin parents!

    Zoe and Jack and Penguin 011smlr

    With Christmas fast approaching and penguins very much in the limelight in the wake of the latest seasonal offering from retail giant John Lewis, Birdworld is proud to tell its own happy penguin tale and offer you the chance to come to the park for FREE to meet the stars of the show in time for Christmas. The story begins with Sid and Nancy, Birdworld’s most loved-up African penguin couple, who laid two eggs this year and incubated them faultlessly until it was noticed that one of the embryos had died. To protect the remaining one, surrogate parent Keeper Alice was called in, and the egg was taken to the park’s incubation room, where on 8th August staff had the happy event of seeing the baby penguin emerge fit, strong and healthy! This is where keepers Jack and Zoe stepped in as both have worked in South Africa passing on their rearing expertise and are extremely experienced in the care and upbringing of penguins. Their dedication to their new ‘baby’ was without equal and there really was no other title for the chick than the combination of his foster parent’s names – Joey! All this time, Sid and Nancy remained […]

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