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Join us for a great, fun family day out! The 26 acre park is home to hundreds of unusual birds, and we also have a fabulous farm, (that is also home to a pair of reindeer!) an aquarium and the wonderful Forest Lodge Garden Centre so there really is a packed day out to be had for all ages! We have a busy schedule of daily events. Brightly coloured birds, fabulous keeper talks and feeds and two amazing daily shows, the Outdoor Flying Display and the Discovery Theatre Show.

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The Christmas penguins


Michaela Strachan has stepped up to publicise the Christmas Penguin appeal in South Africa and Birdworld is backing her all the way by donating £3000 to the fund to buy food for the starving penguin chicks. We are extremely proud to be supporting this worthwhile work and will keep you posted on the chicks welfare.

Our next event is CHRISTMAS at Birdworld!

29th November – 24th December

Christmas cheer begins at Birdworld this month and not a moment too soon we say as Christmas with our animals is fabulous fun and Santa’s reindeer who have been living on our farm throughout the year will once again be waiting for Santa to arrive to join in the festive frolics! Our grotto will be bigger and better than ever this year and waiting to welcome you from 29th November so book now quickly and simply online! See you there!



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    Birdworld steps up to help starving Christmas penguins


    With the lighter side of life as a penguin very much in the news with John Lewis’ 2014 Christmas television ad, it is easy to forget the plight of those birds still struggling in the wild, but a true crisis is unfolding this month in the South African penguin population and Birdworld has stepped in with a large donation to help the ‘Christmas penguin chicks of Southern Africa’. We have today pledged £3,000 of our conservation fund to the SANCCOB ’Fish for Chicks’ appeal in South Africa where hundreds of wild penguin chicks have been abandoned by their parents. Adult penguins cannot swim and hunt for food whilst in their annual moult, so when unable to feed their young they abandon the vulnerable creatures, sadly leaving them to die of starvation. SANCCOB, the rescue charity that works to save seabirds, is on call around the clock rescuing and hand-feeding these abandoned chicks for return to the wild when they are strong enough, but the price of fish has risen exponentially this season and the charity is experiencing a huge shortfall in its annual fish budget. TV presenter Michaela Strachan has stepped in to assist the appeal and has produced this short […]

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